Meehan, Lentz fight for undecideds in Pa. 7th

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - October 14, 2010

Among likely voters, Republican Pat Meehan leads Democrat Bryan Lentz by three percentage points.

But the margin of error is plus or minus four-and-a-half percentage points, making this contest a virtual dead heat.

So, both candidates will spend the next few weeks trying to win the support of the undecideds; a whopping 34 percent of likely voters don't know who they'll vote for.

At a voter's forum at the Shannondale Retirement Community on Thursday, Letz was upbeat and suggested his local efforts are countering a national swing toward the Republican Party.

"I'm out there, myself, every morning and I have people knocking on doors for me, so that it working," Lentz said.

Also Thursday, Meehan picked up an endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police. He said he was please by small lead. His advantage: The 7th District, once a GOP stronghold, went Democratic in 2006 and 2008.

"This district was won strongly by Barack Obama and Joe Sestak. To be in a position we are now is really exceeding the expectations we thought we'd get," Meehan said.

The largely suburban 7th District runs north from Marcus Hook to Conshohocken, King of Prussia, then drives up the 422 Corridor to Royersford.

The big surprise is more than one in three voters here is still undecided.

Still, the one thing most people can agree on: the economy will be the big issue in this election.

"This economy of ours is going downhill and we need jobs badly," said likely voter Jim Barnes.

Meehan's pitch to the undecided: a GOP Congress will create a business-friendly environment that will encourage private jobs.

"It is not the public sector that creates jobs. We need the kind of predictable environment that will allow the private sector investment to legitimately go out and create long-term private sector jobs," Meehan said.

Lentz, meanwhile, said his leadership experience will help bring jobs to the district.

"As a Ranger in the Army and a prosecutor I know how to persuade people and how to lead people and we need to lead on the issues that will keep jobs here like ending tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas," Lentz said.

The election is on November 2nd.

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