Trenton residents want end to gas leaks

TRENTON - October 14, 2010

The station is located at Breunig Avenue and Plum Street in Trenton.

"You could immediately smell the gas in the air. It almost smelled like rotten eggs and within a good maybe 5 minutes, I started getting dizzy," Trenton resident Nycole Thomas said.

After last night's incident, neighbors are scared and fed up.

"Changing the quality of life when you can't come out to your backyard without smelling stench from garbage or gas," resident Joni Sampson said.

Those in high profile positions are also seeking a resolution.

"We're going to put a stop to it one way or the other. Either the company will come up to code or we'll do everything we can to shut it down," Trenton Mayor Tony Mack.

Some neighbors take the threat so seriously they say they carry credit cards in their pockets in case something does happen and they can't get back in to their homes.

Showing the facility to two city councilwomen today, Sal DiLapi , Central Jersey's operations manager, explained that two of the incidents were caused by leaky valves on the garbage trucks while another was caused by a leaky pump.

DiLapi said neighbors do not need to be afraid.

"It was not the filling station itself, it was the truck. They're thinking the whole neighborhood's going to blow up. This thing has more safety valves, the guy comes, hits a button, the whole thing shuts down," DiLapi said.

After a meeting with Mayor Mack and others this afternoon, Central Jersey Waste agreed to staff the filling station 24 hours a day, work on fixing leaky valves and moving the trucks farther away from homes.

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