Anti-crime activist attacked with a pipe

UNIVERSITY CITY - November 3, 2010

Marsha is awaiting facial reconstruction after someone severely beat her with a pipe as she was sleeping in her own home.

Before she was attacked, 52-year-old Marsha was a vibrant, hard-working, anti-crime activist and truancy officer in the Kingsessing section of Philadelphia.

Last Friday, police say an assailant cracked her face in four places with a pipe, leaving her with more than 100 stitches, 2 broken fingers, a fractured arm, and her eye knocked 3 centimeters back.

"She can't understand why? Why they would hurt her?" Robert said.

Police say it was about 9:20 a.m. in the 200 block of South Cecil Street that someone broke into Moore's home as her husband, a 12th district police chaplain, a former Marine and 35 year veteran of the postal service, was at work. She was knocked unconscious and awoke around 3 hours later.

"She awakened to blood dripping down her face, frantically calling her husband who left for work around 6:30 in the morning," Philadelphia Police Lt. Johnny Walker said.

Police say the assailant rummaged through the kitchen and ran off with nothing more than a few pieces of jewelry leaving other expensive items behind.

Presently, they have no suspects, but think someone may have seen something

"9:20 in the morning, we do believe we have some people who may have been out there in the early morning hours," Walker said.

In the front window of their home, the Moore's display posters which say they proudly support the Philadelphia Police.

Each year they sponsor an awards ceremony for military veterans on Veterans Day.

For the last 3 years, they volunteered to be in the 6abc Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Last year they were Pilgrims, the year before that they were pirates and in '08 they were clowns.

"There's nothing like being an ambassador for the city cause when people come to the city, they have a different opinion, so every year, we always holler, 'Welcome to Philadelphia,'" Robert said.

With Marsha facing a difficult road to recovery, it may seem remarkable how they feel about the assailant.

"We're praying for the person that did this, because if that person was in his right mind, he wouldn't have did that, so like I said, my wife's not mad and she's keeping his family, the person, the perpetrator, we're keeping his family in prayer," Robert said.

It remains unclear when Marsha Moore will be able to leave the hospital, but even so, she made her husband promise that he would confirm their participation in this year's 6abc Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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