Bomb hoax shuts down Princeton

PRINCETON, N.J. - November 10, 2010

Streets were blocked off and some areas evacuated after police received what they describe as a specific and credible bomb threat at 6:13 a.m. Wednesday, targeting a condominium construction site at the Residences at Palmer Square.

"They said that a bomb was planted there, that some people had gone too far this time," Princeton Police Chief Dave Dudeck said.

Police say it's unclear exactly who or what the anonymous male caller was talking about, but they sealed off and searched a 4-block area near Palmer Square with 13 police dogs from various agencies.

"It wasn't anything specific, but you don't want to take anything like that too lightly, you just want to evacuate the building," Stanley Height of MOD Construction said.

Traffic was a mess and with cars and people prohibited from certain streets, shop owners had a bad day.

"We haven't had any business at all. Streets have been closed, there's no pedestrians walking," Birkenstock manager Jimmy Jimenez said.

"Stores that are closed, roads that are taped off, we just can't get around. I don't know why somebody would get enjoyment out of doing something like this. This is crazy," resident Audrey Straus said.

Several hours of searching produced no bomb and the streets were eventually reopened.

The FBI is consulting on the case. Authorities are attempting to trace the bomb threat, but wouldn't comment on reports the call originated in the Las Vegas area.

The police chief says investigators are following up on leads and hope to find the man responsible for this hoax.

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