An out of the ordinary toy auction in New Hope

NEW HOPE, Pa. - November 19, 2010

"There are toys here that are just astounding," said Noel Barrett.

That's Noel Barrett. You may recognize him from his years on Antiques Roadshow, but this weekend he's in New Hope overseeing the auction of 900 vintage toys from a North Carolina collection.

"It is an amazing survey collection from the earliest toys right up into the 20th century," said Barrett.

Some of the oldest items include these dice from the 3rd century, and a pewter doll from the 1500s. Fast forward to an intricately carved and hand-painted wooden boat made in Germany in the 1800s.

There are wooden Shoenhut circus figures made in Philadelphia, antique dollhouses that look amazingly real, and detailed handcrafted miniatures to go inside the houses.

They replicate everything that was in the real houses and with a collection like this, there's so many interesting and unusual things," said Susan Grimshaw.

This is an auction for serious collectors. The asking prices range from a low of about a $100 to $75,000. Now that's an expensive toy!

"You have no idea how high people are going to be willing to go on different objects," said Barbara Rosen.

One of the gems here, and the most expensive, is this wonderfully preserved 1850 hand-colored toy catalog for salesmen from the Rau Company in Germany.

The auction is being held at the Eagle Fire Company in New Hope, and collectors from near and far are expected to bid, making it clear you don't have to be a kid to play with toys!

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