A dramatic swing to healthier food for fliers

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; November 23, 2010

Airport eateries used to be notorious for their lack of healthy choices.

But that's changing.

A new survey says that 82% of airport restaurants now offer at least one low-fat or cholesterol-free dish.

And dietitians have some tips for making other dishes healthier.

For a sandwich, ask for whole grain bread.

Get your salad dressing "on the side," and ask for "steamed vegetables" if possible.

Plus, don't just grab the first food you see.

Registered dietitian Elie Krieger says, "My number one tip is don't try to be perfect, but make the best of every situation. The problem is, is that we think, "Oh, I can't even do well here. Why bother?" So if you keep your eyes open for healthful options and say, "Let me make the best possible choice," that's a really good way to go into it."

There's a new list out of the 15 best airports for healthy food, assembled by the Physicians for Responsible Medicine.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia did not make the list.

1. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport - 96% of restaurants had health-conscious fare.

2.San Francisco International Airport - 95%

3.(tie) Houston George Bush Airport - 90%

Newark Liberty International Airport

4. Washington Dulles International Airport - 89%

5. Denver International Airport - 88%

6. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport- 85%

7. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport- 84%

8. (tie) Miami International Airport - 81%

Los Angeles International Airport

9.(tie) Orlando International Airport - 80%

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

10. Baltimore/Washington International Airport - 79%

11. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport - 77%

12.Charlotte Douglas International Airport - 72%

13. O'Hare International Airport - 71%

14. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport - 70%

15. Reagan Washington National Airport 67%

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