FBI warns about Video Barbie

December 3, 2010

The doll looks like an average Barbie, but if you look closer there is a camera disguised as a necklace, and an LCD screen in her back.

It is the combination of technology and an iconic childhood figure that is causing quite a stir.

"My first thought would be that children are not the ones who are going to use it for the wrong reasons," said Amelia Collins.

It's a concern also shared by the FBI.

Video Girl Barbie came out in July and is considered the hot item this holiday season. With a pricetag of $45, the doll can produce 30 minutes of video that can be downloaded to the internet.

Authorities say it's not the toy that's the danger. It is the less threatening packaging that worries them.

"It's putting the camera inside an object that maybe takes away attention from the camera and the intended use of the camera," said J.J. Klaver of the FBI.

It was enough for the FBI in California to send out an alert to law enforcement, saying the toy could be used as a "possible child pornography production method".

But some people, like Dr. James Pedigo who treats pedophiles, do not see the big deal.

"The pedophile wouldn't really need to have a Barbie doll as a way of getting images. They could get them with a smart phone," said Dr. James Pedigo.

Pedigo also thinks a person would have to get real close to a child; close enough like a family member to even entertain the thought, and that's where parental supervision comes into play.

"Fathers and uncles who have access to children can play with children and get them to do the things fathers and uncles want them to do without Barbie," said Dr. Pedigo.

But some parents believe this is all getting blown out of proportion.

"I just think people are looking too far into it. I can't see how a pedophile will get a hold of that. It's for a little 6 year old girl," said Erin O'Hara.

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