Miner movie deal close?

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) - Dec. 4, 2010

Miner Juan Illanes said during a visit to Costa Rica that discussions for the movie are "very advanced and we hope there are results soon."

"It's a business deal and when that's the case you want to try to find a way for everyone to profit fairly," Illanes said.

Illanes said his life has been "scandalously different" since he and his colleagues were rescued in October after spending 69 days trapped 2,300 feet (700 meters) underground by a cave-in.

Illanes said that prior to the collapse, he was "a normal worker" who would have never been able to afford a trip to Costa Rica. Illanes and Bustos were in the capital, San Jose, to host two private conferences about their experience trapped in the mine.

They will return to Chile before traveling Dec. 11 to England, where they've been invited to attend a Manchester United soccer game.

The miners have been inundated with gifts since their rescue.

"Why do they give them to us? I think that the joy that our rescue represented is now manifesting itself in gifts," Bustos said.

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