Car break-ins in Cherry Hill investigated

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - December 14, 2010

Car break-ins are nothing new, but Cherry Hill police say they've seen an increase of over 20-percent in the last year, 539 in all, and the year isn't over.

Lieutenant William Kushina says the thieves are usually drug addicts looking for quick cash. They take GPS's, iPods, phones, and even computers that are left almost always in unlocked cars.

Margaret Ryan says items were taken from her husband's truck that was parked in their own driveway; now, they're more careful about locking up.

Stealing from cars becomes especially attractive during the holidays.

One police department put together a public service announcement to drive home the point.

Five cars were broken into at the Walmart shopping center in Cherry Hill last weekend. While police made an arrest, they say most of the crimes are in neighborhoods.

"They'll wander through a neighborhood at night, try the door handles on 30, 40, 50 cars," Kushina said.

Break-ins happen any time of year and are crimes of opportunity whether in parking lots or in driveways. Police tell residents to remove valuables from inside their car and keep it locked.

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