Tuned In to The Whiskeyhickon Boys

They describe themselves as "gansta folk". They can best be described as a modern day real life version of the Blues Brothers. At first glance they look like two movie characters. As soon as you hear Jonathan Denny sing, you'll be very impressed with his strong voice while making a unique folk/blues/R&B mesh. Also incorporated into this eclectic music is a humorous element. Their wildly entertaining live shows have quickly placed them in the top tier of local favorite artists among fans.

We caught up with them at Brittingham's in Lafayette Hill. They spoke to us about the importance of having fun on stage, and engaging their audience. Please enjoy their biography which prepared by them in accordance to their famous sense of humor. The Whiskeyhickon Boys

Twenty six or maybe twenty seven years ago, two baby boys were born on a whiskey moon. Their names were Jonathan Denny and Noah Hudson. Two decades later, they met and the world was nevr the same. Lightning struck, the sky cracked open and the Whiskeyhickon Boys were formed.

Nowadays, you can find Denny playing the Ukulele, harmonica, kazoo and howling like a hound dog while Noah "Nutson" Hudson flips his fingers and bops the boogie on the bass, makin' the fella's zig and the ladies zag.

Nothing is like a Whiskeyhickon Boys Show. People have gotten pregnant just from hearing them. If you hate music, you'll really hate them because they can't help it. They are music. check them out, they'll love ya and they'er comin' to a town near you real soon.

Asa Jones(Magic Beans Magazine)

You are now Tuned In to The Whiskeyhickon Boys!

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