How to prevent falls on snowy sidewalks

December 27, 2010 1:45:28 PM PST
Hopefully by now most people have cleared and salted their walkways, but with all the slush and blowing snow there is still a risk for slips and falls.

Local emergency room doctors reported seeing many more injuries including dislocated shoulders, broken bones and bruised tailbones due to falls during last season's storms.

So, to prevent getting hurt:

  • First - Wear shoes or boots with traction
  • Second - Walk like a duck! In other words, take short steps and keep your knees bent
  • Third -Pay attention to where you are walking and be mindful of black ice.
  • Lastly, if you do fall, try not to use your hand to break your fall. That can lead to a broken wrist. If you are carrying something, carry it in your dominant hand so you're less likely to use that hand to catch yourself.
Also, older people are at a greater risk of falling and of getting seriously hurt from the fall, so help out older neighbors if you can.