Saving parking spots in Darby Twp. could cost you

January 13, 2011 2:42:25 PM PST
Using a chair or a trash can to hold a cleaned parking spot after the snow is common on many Philadelphia-area streets.

However, people who do that in Darby Township, Delaware County will soon face steep fines for doing just that.

Township commissioners approved ordinance unanimously on Wednesday night that would allow police to fine people from $300 to $1,000.

"It is a public street. It is not their own private parking spot out front of their house," said Board President Lawrence Patterson.

On an afternoon drive through Darby Township, we found seating for at least a party of 12 with the likes of folding chairs, lawn chairs, and beach chairs along the road.

On Briar Cliff Road, people have already kicked their spot savers to the curb to avoid the fine. While they are taking it seriously, some say it has kind of become the neighborhood joke.

"How are you going to enforce it? Put a ticket on a chair? Or on top of a trash can?" asked Jim Reiley.

Police say that's a problem they'll have to figure out.

"It is not going to be an easy ordinance to enforce because the burden of proof is still on us to prove who did it," said Chief Robert Thompson.

"I think it is wonderful. I'm glad. I think it should be $1,000," said Ray Blohm. "I will take the chairs and throw them on their lawns."

Another ordinance passed Wednesday night says that if you shovel snow into an already plowed street, you too could face a $300 fine.