You may qualify for free tax preparation

January 28, 2011 3:03:42 PM PST
If doing your taxes freaks you out, take heart: You may be eligible for free help at tax preparation sites throughout Philadelphia.

The Campaign for Working Families will be promoting savings bonds, FAFSA completion, tax preparation itself, and other resources like food stamp applications, CHIP and many more at 11 sites throughout the city.

LaSha Bonner-Fincher plans to purchase two saving bonds at the Campaign's site.

"This year I'll be buying a $250 savings bond for my daughter and another one - that same amount - for myself," she said.

The Campaign is also reminding people to avoid refund anticipation loans. They say RALS are riskier and more expensive than ever. And if you apply now, you'll only get a portion of your refund because the IRS isn't even processing returns with itemized deductions until February 14th.

Another warning - two of the largest tax preparation firms are running credit checks on people who apply for RALs.

"So you might see your credit score go down," said Khadijah Jones of the Campaign for Working Families.

Here's who can take advantage of the free tax help.

  • Families making 49,000 or less.
  • And individuals making 20,000 or less
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