Sources identify buttocks injection death 'person of interest'

February 11, 2011 5:54:55 AM PST
Investigators served several search warrants on Thursday looking for a 'person of interest' in the death of a British woman after a cosmetic procedure on her buttocks inside a Philadephia hotel.

Sources tell Action News exclusively that the person of interest is Padge Windslowe (pronounced Paige Winslow) of Narberth, Pa.

Late Thursday night, Action News was the only news station there when police finished interviewing Windslowe's boyfriend about her possible whereabouts. Sources says he was not very cooperative claiming he didn't know much about Windslowe or where she might be.

Earlier in the day, authorities served one of the search warrants on her Narberth apartment where they removed various items including silicone, but she was not home.

Police have interviewed Windslowe's boyfriend. Action News was on the only news station on the scene as the boyfriend was

Action News has learned Windslowe is a transgendered woman who is a peformer in the hip hop community. She is a singer, dancer, and entertainer who allegedly does silicone injections on the side.

The black market procedure is popular in the transgender community and is known as pumping. Windslowe even has a pumping name she uses when soliciting customers.

But authorities say she has no medical qualifications at all.

A source in the transgender community tells Action News while it is not common for someone to be pumping in Philadelphia, it's a different story in places like New York City and Florida where there are sometimes pumping injection parties.

Meanwhile, the victim, Claudia Aderotimi, was an aspiring actress and model who was also into the hip hop scene.

Published reports in Britain say Aderotimi was an aspiring music video dancer, but had been turned down for parts because she wasn't voluptuous enough.

"Her figure was nice. I really don't know why she did it because she didn't really need it," said friend Natacha Mufuta, who went on to say she did not know of any insecurities Aderotimi had with her appearance.

"She didn't have any insecurities as far as I know. If you go out wit her she was dressed up, always bubbly, nothing would get her down," said Mufuta.

Police Aderotimi died after having a buttocks enhancement procedure in Room 425 of the Hampton Inn on Batram Avenue. Investigators suspect Aderotimi set up the underground procedure through Facebook.

Shortly after being injected with some sort of substance, the young woman began complaining of chest pains and died at a local hospital.

Police say they're awaiting toxicology tests by the medical examiner before any charges may be filed.

Investigators previously issued a search warrant at the Bergen County, N.J., home of a woman they believe organized the appointment. She was questioned and unspecified evidence was seized from the residence but she was not arrested. Police on Thursday said she is now considered a witness.

Police also say the New Jersey woman was not in the room when the injections were given.