Hot ticket: Phillies single game seats for sale

February 17, 2011 2:53:10 PM PST
Spring was in the air in South Philadelphia on Thursday morning as Phillies fans waited in line for single game tickets.

Over 70,000 single game tickets were sold Thursday, a record in franchise history, according to the Phillies. They started lining up Wednesday night, hoping to be lucky enough to see the team play in what is likely to be another sold-out season.

At dawn, the line started moving from outside Citizens Bank Park to the Majestic Clubhouse to browse Phillies merchandise and wait for the ticket window to open.

"This is the third year in a row we've come down to get tickets because we get all the bobblehead games and the fireworks games," said Rachel Murphy of Juniata.

"I usually get the tickets second hand. This year I decided to do something different and actually wait to get the ticket myself," said Anthony Merlino of South Philadelphia.

With a pitching rotation some consider the best in all of baseball, getting a ticket is getting more difficult than ever before.

"These are four of the most confident pitchers in baseball right now," said John Devinne of Center City. "It's going to be fantastic to watch."

At 8:30 a.m. the ticket windows opened for business and, for the second year in a row, Robert Melrath of Ridley Township, and his friends, were first.

The Phillies sold out 123 straight regular season games in the last two years. As many as 50, maybe more, games are expected to sell out on Thursday.

Those who walked away with tickets said their patience paid off for a seat, any seat, anywhere in citizens bank park.

"I am mostly in the outfield, nothing like first base line but, I mean, that's what I wanted," said Nick Hober of Ridley Township.

If you couldn't make it down to Citizens Bank Park on Thursday, you can try to get tickets on the Phillies website or by calling the ticket office.

But be warned, it's going to take some patience and some luck.

To date, 15 of the 81 regular season games are now sold out.