Dispatcher of the Year helps with delivery

April 14, 2011 3:27:32 PM PDT
This is the story of Ameer Ivan Taylor's arrival.

Crystal Rodriguez was hoping her third baby would be delivered differently than her last.

"Because I had my last one at my grandmother's house; now, I have two babies that were born in a house," Crystal said.

Indeed, just like her last delivery, Crystal did not make to the hospital.

She was at her house with her mother when she said, "I think it's time."

It was almost as nerve-wracking for Crystal as it was for her mother.

"My mom actually was scared, she was on the phone with the ambulance people like 'what am I supposed to do,' she was nervous," Crystal said.

"Fortunately, that 911 call was received by the right guy - last year's Dispatcher of the Year recipient, Matthew Schoeniger.

"You kind of handle these situations all the time, the biggest thing is try to keep everyone calm," Schoeniger said.

But he'll tell you he wasn't prepared for how quick the baby was ready to make his debut.

"We were on the phone for about five minutes, then, all of a sudden, she said 'I see a head,'" Schoeniger said.

"And it only took me two pushes to push him out," Crystal said.

Forget your 20-hour, marathon labors, Ameer was born in less than 10 minutes.

Schonegier walked them through clearing out little Ameer's air passages to make sure he was breathing and all was good.

As for his first experience delivering a baby over the phone, Schoeniger said, "I don't have any kids, I'm sure it's a lot easier on the other end of the phone than it is in there in person."