Exclusive: FBI tape of Daniel Castro released

April 22, 2011 4:09:34 AM PDT
Action News has an exclusive first look at surveillance video the FBI used in its case against former Philadelphia Police Inspector Daniel Castro.

It was earlier this week that a jury failed to reach a verdict on most of the charges against Castro, believing he had been entrapped by the government.

The prosecution showed the jury this video trying to convince them that Castro was not only a willing participant, but also calling the shots.

In the video, Castro is on the left.

His friend, turned government informant Rony Moshe, is on the right.

In the video, Moshe turns over money Castro believes had been collected for him by thugs hired by Moshe.

Castro: How much is in there?
Moshe: 45 hundred.
Castro: Oh, okay. I'll keep track of it and we're working our way up to 50 thou- 150.
Moshe: That's what we're going to do.
Castro: 150. He takes 10 percent right off the top.
Moshe: Yeah and do me a favor, don't spend the money because I will need it from you in a few months.
Castro:Listen, I will not spend the money because this is, to me, found money that I know I wouldn't have and it's for my son. It's not for me.

A little bit later Castro lets Moshe know he wants the money in bigger chunks. And he is assured by Moshe that the thugs have put a scare into the man who owes Castro the money.

Castro: These guys are going to make sure we get it in a bigger payment. Right? They told you this. We're not going to do 5 and 10.
Moshe: No, I spoke with them...I mean, that he had the first time, to show them good faith, because he's scared to (expletive) that.
Castro: That's okay. Very good.

This video is one small part of the evidence, but the government showed it to the jury a second time during closing arguments, convinced that it would sway their decision.

Some jurors interviewed after the trial say they believe Castro was entrapped and never would have gotten to this point without a shove from the FBI.