Accounts vary in off-duty officer shooting

April 26, 2011 2:54:46 PM PDT
Philadelphia detectives and Police Internal Affairs Shoot Team are trying to decipher the truth as there are different accounts of what actually happened just before 4:00 p.m. Monday in the 4600 block of Worth Street.

An off-duty officer, whose name has not been released, tells investigators he was helping his sister move into a row home on the block when he observed 23-year-old Josh Taylor exit a house with a gun in his hand.

"The officer confronts him as to why he has a gun. Apparently the guy goes up toward the door there at 4624 [Worth Street], turns on the officer who then fires his weapon," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.

Action News spoke with neighbors who recalled what they heard.

"We heard a big pop and then somebody started screaming, 'He's shot!, He's shot!' I started screaming, 'Get the kids, get the kids! Somebody's shot! Run in the house!' We all just ran in the house and I called 911," neighbor Gina Moore said

"I came out the door and the guy came out of his house holding his side stating that he was shot and all we knew was to try to get him to the hospital before he died," neighbor Annette Washington said.

The suspect's girlfriend Birttany Britton says Taylor was carrying a weapon, but disputes that he pointed it at the off duty officer.

"He only had it in his back pocket, never pulled it out. All of a sudden he comes running back in my house, falls on the ground from slamming the door so fast, and the cop comes in, opens the door like he was welcomed, and got in the stance and literally shot right at his chest and ran," Britton said.

Britton says Taylor never pulled out the gun.

"He would never ever pull a gun on anybody," Britton said.

Investigators continue to sort through the interviews about the incident.

Meanwhile, Taylor is at Aria Hospital Frankford Division reported to be in stable condition.