Tire slashing spree in South Jersey

April 25, 2011 3:02:45 PM PDT
It was not only criminal, it was downright annoying.

"I think it's evil, just plain evil, kids with probably nothing better to do," victim Sherri Hitcher said.

In the small, 1.6 square mile community of Woodstown, someone went on a weekend tire slashing spree.

Police are still taking reports, but right now they have 16 victims with damage to 31 tires.

The vandal or vandals walked from street to street early Saturday morning slashing one, two, sometimes all four tires on a car.

Three of Sherri Hitcher's vehicles on South Main Street were hit.

She's spent $800 so far on six tires.

"Being Easter time, who's got $800 to shell out of their pockets for new tires," Hitcher said.

On Monday afternoon, Leilani Palmer spotted the gashes in the back tires of her brother's car.

""Sick. What's the point? I never understand," Palmer said.

She had to interrupt her brother's vacation to give him the not so good news.

"He's not happy; he's just got these tires put on so these are brand new tires, so he was cursing up a storm," Palmer said.

Woodstown police have stepped up patrols in this community which is known for its low crime rate.

Investigators are not sure what kind of weapon was used and they're checking a nearby surveillance camera for clues.

"We have a very active community watch of about 180 plus members in town that are also working very closely with the police department trying to develop a suspect," Woodstown Public Safety Director Christopher Simmermon said.

Hitcher is worried the senseless act will happen again.

"Hopefully, they catch them," she said.

Investigators are urging anyone with information about these crimes to give them a call.