Exclusive - Police: Young girl used in gas station theft

Police say three adults staged a gas station theft and used a little girl to keep an eye out at a Shell gas station on the White Horse Pike in Haddon Heights, N.J. on May 21, 2011.

May 23, 2011 2:06:15 AM PDT
Police say three adults staged a gas station theft and used a little girl to keep an eye out.

The theft occurred Saturday night at a Shell gas station along the White Horse Pike in Haddon Heights, New Jersey.

In exclusive surveillance video obtained by Action News, one of the suspects can be seen going behind the counter, not once, but twice as the little girl appears to be keeping lookout.

"The child was the lookout and that's alarming in itself," Haddon Heights Police Detective Steve Graham said.

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Graham says it appears this group has done this before.

They pulled up in a white Lexus. In the video, the man occupied the gas attendant, while two women and the child walked into the station.

"He asked three different times to keep filling up with gas so they had their opportunity to go behind the counter," Graham said.

After missing a chance to get the loot, the women and girl purchase a few items and walk out.

The two women go back and one goes behind the counter, rummages through a few drawers, finds keys to the safe and opens it. Just like that, she walks out with $1,600 cash.

"Two ladies and a kid walk in and you're not looking into like, they probably might rob you," gas sation owner Sunny Singh said.

He said only one attendant was working last night, not the usual two, and that provided the crooks with an opportunity.

Police say the car in the video is a mid-1990's white Lexus ES 300, but it has a black hood and they're hoping the vehicle will lead to the suspects.

"They were very smooth in their actions, very thought out, very methodical and they all had a role and they all knew what each other was doing," Graham said.

Police say they are not aware of any similar crimes involving the suspects, but a bulletin has been sent to area police in Camden County.

Invesatigators say if you recognize the car or the suspects, please call Haddon Heights Police at 1-856-547-0614.