Search continues for gunman in hostage standoff

May 29, 2011 3:32:57 PM PDT
Police in Delaware County are searching for a man who held a woman and her child at gunpoint then vanished.

Police were called to the scene shortly after 9:00 a.m.

Soon Upland authorities and Delaware County SWAT were in full gear with guns drawn on the 400 block of 3rd Street.

They believed an armed 28-year-old Hanyif Curry was possibly inside a home holding a 7-year-old boy hostage.

"I got my grandkids, my great grandkids. We're not used to this kind of drama. We don't have that kind of drama in our neighborhood. This is just a mess," neighbor Charles Alexander said.

"For this to be so close, this is like out of movie, I can't believe it," neighbor Janet Purnell said.

Police say a female victim walked out of her home around 5:00 a.m. to get something out of her car. When she returned to the home, she was kidnapped.

"There was a figure in the shadows in the bushes near her house. A guy jumped out from the bushes and put a small caliber gun to her head and kept her inside the house," Upland Police Chief John Easton said.

Four hours later, the woman managed to escape and call 911. Her child remained inside the home, but emerged several hours later unharmed.

Curry, however, was gone.

Neither the mother or child were injured.

Investigators say the 28-year-old dated the mother for several years.

Police have responded to home several times for domestic violence.

Officials tell Action News, Curry has a lengthy rap sheet for weapons, terroristic threats domestic violence charges.

His mother and other relatives arrived on scene and assured police they'd try to locate and encourage him to surrender to authorities.

Curry is considered armed and dangerous.

Police say he doesn't drive so investigators believe he's with friends in the area or traveling by public transportation.