Split your Memorial Day costs with others!

May 30, 2011 6:49:10 AM PDT
Saving with 6abc is going to tell you how to split stuff on this Memorial Day.

One of our viewers, Annette, recommended the website SplitStuff.com. It's designed to save you Big Bucks by empowering you to buy all kinds of items with others and split the cost!

Now the website is just getting off the ground, but if you sign up and get others to sign up, it might be able to work really well for our area. It can help you find others needing the same items so together you can buy wholesale and in bulk then split your purchases. You can also share the cost and use of expensive machines like trucks and snow blowers and increase your buying power to reduce the cost of services like gym memberships or landscaping.

Sign up for SplitStuff is free. You can search for Splits near you or Users near you.

One more quick tip: Private flash sale site Gilt.com started with fashion, then added travel with Jetsetter, and now it has Gilt Taste. This is still in the beta phase, but if you're a foodie, you will want to check it out. It gives you direct access to artisan products and ingredients, many of which have only been available to professional chefs until now.

I would love to hear YOUR saving tips. Please post them on my Facebook page.