Birthplace of the Stromboli

ESSINGTON, Pa. - May 31, 2011

67 years ago a stone mason from L'Aquila immigrated to Essington, Pa. and opened a neighborhood pizzeria which claims to be the birthplace of an Italian eatery favorite.

In 1944, Nazzareno Romano opened a little pizzeria in Essington and 6 years later he proclaimed himself the originator of that stuffed, baked sandwich... the Stromboli. It's a name that was borrowed from Hollywood. In 1950 Ingrid Bergman made the movie with Rossellini "On The Island of Stromboli."

A few years later, the eatery moved to a larger location down the road, and the neighborhood regulars still stuff the place.

Not much has changed from years ago, and that includes the recipes!

The Romanos hand-roll around Stromboli 400 a week. Even with 14 different stuffings, the original hot and sweet are still the best sellers.

"Most people who sell what they call Stromboli sandwiches, really take their pizza dough and put ingredients in it - flop it over and call it Stromboli. The dough we use for Stromboli is different. "

The folks at Romano's Pizzeria ship Stromboli overnight all over the country. Have a food favorite you want to share? We want to try it! Share your juicy tips with me on Facebook or Twitter.

You can find them at:
Romano's Pizzeria
246 Wanamaker Avenue
Essington, PA 19029
(610) 521-9010

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