Police: Woman steals charity box from gun store

Police say an unassuming, middle-aged woman stole from a Horsham gun store.

June 16, 2011 7:30:52 PM PDT
Police say an unassuming, middle-aged woman stole a charity box from a Horsham gun store.

"She doesn't fit a normal criminal demographic," employee Ed Hartzel said.

Investigators say a few days ago, the woman seen in surveillance video, tried to sell a rifle rack made of wood and deer hooves to Clayton's Hunting and Fishing store on Easton Road.

When a clerk said 'no thanks,' the lady got angry, took her rack and somehow managed to swipe a small box from the counter.

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Hartzel says it had cash inside, donations for a national ministry that helps children.

"Why would you want to thieve from children? If something from the store were stolen, we wouldn't be reacting the same way or have the feelings we have with this," Hartzel said.

Once the woman opened the little box, she most likely discovered there was only about $10 in it. Employees say the dollar amount doesn't matter; they're just disturbed this thief stole from a charity.

The box was replaced quickly and since customers learned of the petty theft, they've been donating even more money which is good for that charity.

Hartzel thinks finding this woman who police say got away in a red or maroon Mitsubishi will also do some good.

"There might be something more than meets the eye that's going on, but at the same time, it's wrong," Hartzel said.