Motorcyclist: Potholes could be deadly

July 20, 2011 2:41:46 PM PDT
Retired jet pilot Greg Kasternakis of Hamilton, N.J., was riding his motorcycle two weeks ago when, right under the Scudder Falls Birdge in Lower Makefield, Pa., he hit a minefield of potholes and almost lost control.

"The whole bike rocked and I didn't know if I was going to stay on or be thrown off," said Kasternakis.

? Kasternakis' 2003 Honda Goldwing sustained between $500 and $1,500 worth of damage including a bent rim. He's not happy about that, but what really has him upset is the danger these craters present to bikers who run the risk of being catapulted from their motorcycles if they hit one of these holes.

? "In the sunlight you see the road but the potholes are in the shadow where they cannot be seen," he said.

? But once you do see them, they're big and deep enough to sink your foot in to.

? "I would say the largest ones are about three-and-a-half to four inches deep," said Kasternakis.

?In a strange twist, when Kasternakis developed his pictures of the scene at this Walgreen's in Hamilton, he says the photo technician recognized the spot because he'd broken the tie-rod on his car at the same location.

Kasternakis reported the potholes to police who told him PennDOT has jurisdiction of this area. The biker says he wants something done and if the holes aren't filled in immediately, there at least should be some warning.

"I'm worried that another motorcyclist will come through and get thrown off their bike and killed," he said.

? Action News contacted PennDOT and a spokesman said the agency is aware of issues in that area and on Monday dispatched a repair crew to Taylorsville Rd.

As for paying for repairs to his motorcycle? PennDOT says state law prohibits paying claims to motorists whose cars or vehicles are damaged by potholes.