Storm knocks down wires, damages homes in OC

In one instance, the roof of a condominium on the 1400 block of Ocean Avenue was blown off.

July 24, 2011 9:05:15 PM PDT
An afternoon storm caused serious damage in Ocean City, New Jersey.

High winds came through the Cape May County area around 5:00 p.m.

"It was terrible, it was terrible, it was like 15 minutes of huge, fast wind; it was scary," resident Kim Kwederis said.

The winds ripped of the roof of the Sun Aqua Condominiums on the 1400 block of Ocean Avenue, smashing the debris into the home across the street.

Regina Purcell's home suffered major damage. She and her four kids were inside when the storm hit.

"I pulled the door close and I said, 'let's move away from the window,' you couldn't see anything, it was a lot wind, so as we started to walk back into the house, there was a giant crash," Purcell said.

Soon rain began to pour through the gaping hole in her roof; she feared her house was coming down.

"There was debris and wood flying all over, but I was afraid to stay in the house, so I called 911, I told them that the house was falling down around me and I needed help to get out," Purcell said.

Several other homes on the block were also damaged.

John Capalbo emerged from inside his motel to find his car a mangled piece of metal and broken glass.

"My car is demolished and I'm assuming the tar paper from the roof hit it cause that's what was all piled up over [on the sidewalk]," Capalbo said.

It was a similar scene on 44th Street.

The wind tore a roof off there and ripped down power lines.

Jeff Cotton, who is from Alabama and visiting Ocean City, has experienced his fair share of powerful storms.

"I think I brought Mother Nature down here. I was in the Tuscaloosa tornado and the Memphis floods, and I come to Ocean City and here I I apologize to everybody. I think I brought her up here," Cotton said.

The owner of the Sun Aqua Condominiums tells Action News he hopes to be back up and running again later this week.

One woman was treated for minor injuries during the storm.

There are no other reports of injuries.

Ocean City was not the only place in New Jersey hit by the storm, as viewers from around South Jersey sent in photos of the storm and the aftermath.