Consumer News: Insurance savings and Philly Car Share

August 9, 2011

Sources say Walgreens will offer a range of coverage through a private health insurance exchange.

Industry watchers expect many companies, not associated with health insurance, to jump into the lucrative market ahead of 2014.

A mandate of the new federal health care law says that's when federal and state-funded public exchanges have to be established.

Speaking of insurance, there's something that could help you find a lower rate when it comes to your car and your house.

The company that offers deals on everything from home goods to cars now offers deals on insurance. promises to provide multiple quotes from leading carriers in minutes and save you an average of $468.

In other news, Facebook will now offer two new safety features.

Mobile Social Reporting lets users warn friends about content they don't like.

The other feature lets users quickly reset their password from their mobile device.

And last but not least, Philly Car Share surprised its members Tuesday by announcing it's been bought by car-rental giant Enterprise Holdings.

The former nonprofit has been in serious financial trouble.

They say that Enterprise will not only enhance its financial stability but also allow for newer cars, more pods, and more rate options for customers.

Right now it's $15 a month to be a Philly Car Share member. It's also at least $4.45 an hour plus 25 cents per mile for a vehicle.

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