Bison for sale in Lehigh County

SCHNECKSVILLE, Pa. - August 9, 2011

However in Lehigh County, bison are on the auction block.

"Desks, chairs, those sorts of things. But sure, this is by far the most unusual thing we've had on the auction block," said Glenn Solt, Lehigh County's General Services Director.

Lehigh County is looking to sell two of the hairy beasts for $1000 each.

The cattle belong to a herd that's been kept at the Trexler Nature Preserve in Schnecksville for a century.

"These animals have been here for 100 years. In fact this year is the "bison-tennial," said Solt.

The animals are on the auction block because the preserve, which the county owns, wants to breed new bison.

The female bison there can't reproduce so they're getting two new females who can.

To keep the males from fighting over them, two of the males must go as well.

"We certainly need those two other males out of here because things will get testy," said Solt.

The bison being auctioned off are shaggy-haired behemoths with giant heads and horns.

They may look slow and lazy but they can run at speeds of up to 35 mph.

"These bison are in tip top condition. They are fully functioning, they are young and healthy," said Solt.

Buying a bison at an auction is no different than a normal auction.

As with any auction you have to pay with cash, check or money order and pick up your purchase within 10 days.

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