Mrs. Fixit: Germiest Places At Home

August 28,2011

Your kitchen sink is one of the nastiest offenders. You wash raw foods that can be contaminated with all sorts of bacterias, you then touch the faucets to turn off the water. Then you touch that same faucet to wash your hands and then touch the same faucet with your clean hands to turn it off.

What do you do? Wash those faucets often with soap and hot water. Then spray or wipe them with an anti-bacterial agent to eliminate those germs.

Don't forget the sponges and cloths that you use to clean up, run a sponge through the dishwasher and wash cloths in the hottest water you can.

Don't forget to wash and wipe down the other areas you touch while prepping food - refrigerator door handles, oven and stove knobs and handles and cabinet knobs!

Another nasty offender? Door handles - especially from the outside to the in. and lightswitches and plates in common areas.

Also out in the world - your handbag! You tote it with you everywhere and then you bring it in the house. Choose a leather or vinyl handbag rather than fabric so it won't absorb germs. Then wipe the bag and the handle with an antibacterial.

Finally - the remote. Everyone touches it and how often is it part of your regular cleaning? Don't forget to wipe that down too!

My favorite disinfectants? Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and essential oils. For more information, check out my website. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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