9/11 exhibit preps underway in Trenton

TRENTON, N.J. - August 11, 2011

In Trenton, New Jersey, preparation is underway for an exhibit dedicated to honoring 9/11 victims from the Garden State.

Workers at the State Museum in Trenton are carefully placing and preparing the heavy remnants of steel girders from the Twin Towers as part of a 9/11 exhibit that will tell the story of the terror attacks from a NJ perspective.

About 700 people, a quarter of all those who perished, were from the Garden State.

The exhibit will also feature photos, artifacts and personal effects recovered from Ground Zero victims like a Mercedes Benz key.

It belonged to Joseph Holland of Glen Rock, whose baby was born 2 weeks before 9/11. He'd researched it extensively and bought the Benz because he wanted a safe car for his new child.

"The key is on display in order to showcase the lives of the people who perished September 11th, and to tell their personal stories, to put a human face on the people who perished," explained Nick Ciotola.

There are also personal effects, like the contents of the wallet of David Bauer of Rumson, the husband of former state Commerce Director Ginny Bauer.

The 9/11 exhibit is a labor of love for museum director Anthony Gardner, who personally selected all the pieces.

His 35 year old brother Harvey was one of the victims who died when the towers collapsed.

"I've spent the last 10 years just in my work trying to honor him and making sure that all the victims are remembered," said Gardner.

The exhibit has parts of several girders from the impact zone where the planes hit, including a piece from the 92 floor of the North Tower.

"The force of the plane hitting the building, the fires that ensued from that, so it's a very significant piece that I think is really going to move visitors," says Gardner.

"It's an opportunity to really see what happened and reflect on it and pay our respects to all who were lost in this terrible tragedy," said Grace Hanlon, N.J. Tourism Director.

The exhibit opens on September 8th and will remain at the State Museum until September 2012.

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