Surveying the storm damage in Bridgeton

BRIDGETON, N.J. - August 17, 2011

County officials say six of the roads and a dam are so badly damaged it could take a long time before repairs are made.

"In some cases, we are looking at roads that won't be reopened for a year," Cumberland County Freeholder Director Bill Whelan said.

Some of the collapsed roads have cut off sections of the county from others adding extra time for emergency vehicles to get around and for residents' commutes.

The damage to infrastructure is in the millions of dollars and officials are hoping for a disaster declaration that would lead to money for repairs.

"We actually did a reverse 911 to get an assessment back from the citizens to see what their concerns are or their damages; the large dollar volume is going to be to the infrastructure," Cumberland County Freeholder Sam Fiocchi said.

Meanwhile, residents will be dealing with detours for months to come.

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