Kim Delaney escorted off stage at Liberty Medal Ceremony

PHILADELPHIA - September 23, 2011

Before coming on stage, /*Kim Delaney*/ could be heard correcting the announcer who introduced her to the crowd. Once on stage, she spoke about how she "served in active military duty family for five years." "I've seen soldiers come home with painful life altering injuries borne of their time and service," she said, slurring at times. "I've attended numerous military funerals, including that of my best friend's son."

However, her presentation was apparently intended to be more about her role on the television show "Army Wives."

"It's all make believe. I do that as a job. It's make believe," she said nearly two minutes into her speech. "I have the luxury to do all of this on a television show."

Delaney, 49, has had issues with substance abuse. In 2002, she was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving after she refused to take a breathalyzer test. She's sought rehab for alcohol addiction twice.

Delaney was a featured guest on Friday's edition of ABC's "The View." However, the topic did not come up because it had been recorded prior to Delaney's appearance Thursday night in Philadelphia.

The Liberty Medal ceremony also featured video tributes from former Presidents /*George H.W. Bush*/, /*Bill Clinton*/, and /*George W. Bush*/; Secretary of State /*Hillary Clinton*/ and former Supreme Court Justice /*Sandra Day O'Connor*/, many of whom honored Gates for his ability to transcend party politics.

Since 1989, the /*Liberty Medal*/ has been awarded annually to individuals or organizations whose actions strive to bring liberty to people around the world.

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