Parenting: Decoding the Picky Eater

September 27, 2011

You place it in front of your children. And they will not budge.



Not going to eat it.

And you know in your heart of hearts that the kids probably would like it if they would just try it. So why the standoff?

Well, here is a news flash. It may not be because your children's' taste buds are overly sensitive, that they only have a craving for things that come in a happy meal.

It may be because they are trying to be the boss. A new way to assert independence. Take that, mom and dad. I'm not eatin' it.

The Babble blog has a great article about what it calls the "Mac 'n' Cheese Rut." I encourage you to read it. It has some great tips on how to get the little guys and gals into more foods that don't feature a cartoon character on the box.


And happy eating!

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