First a movie, now a beer

FARGO, N.D. (AP) - September 29, 2011

Four native sons are hoping that the name recognition generated from the Coen brothers flick will help launch their fledgling Fargo Beer Company in North Dakota's largest city. Their first beer is called Wood Chipper, a reference to a prop used in of the film's more gruesome scenes.

Brew master Chris Anderson calls it a great way to get things started, and easy way to order a type of beer that just rolls off the tongue.

The official unveiling of the Indian Pale Ale was held at the popular HoDo bar in downtown Fargo, located a block from a 19-story hotel that will serve as a giant screen for the movie "Fargo." Today's movie screening is part of a celebration known as Fargo Fest. To top it off, the second annual Fargo Beer Festival is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

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