Man, once comatose, calls recovery a miracle

October 24, 2011 5:30:38 AM PDT
The man whose recovery from a catastrophic brain injury led the Vatican to canonize an Italian priest says his case can be described as nothing short of miraculous.

William Glisson says he can't make sense of his amazing recovery any other way.

Glisson was unresponsive after suffering a brain injury while inline skating in March 2002. The Edgmont man was comatose in intensive care when a family friend slipped his mother two bone fragments belonging to the Rev. Luigi Guanella.

One shard was placed in Glisson's hospital bracelet, the other in his mother's pocket. After two weeks of praying, Glisson woke up.

Glisson attended the Mass on Sunday where Pope Benedict XVI canonized Guanella. The 19th century priest was a champion of the poor and disabled. A suburban Philadelphia home for mentally disabled men and teens is named for the priest.