6at4 Business Report: Macy's expands Black Friday, taxes at Walmart

October 31, 2011

Macy's to open at midnight
Another store is pushing up Black Friday even earlier. Macy's now says it will open its doors at midnight on Thanksgiving Day for the first time ever. Some of the door-busting deals might make you think twice about showing up at midnight. They're offering a free digital video camera with any $65 fragrance purchase while supplies last, and 50% off Sharper Image iPhone, iPod docking stations and Rampage boots for $19.99.

Wal marts adding H&R Blocks
Wal mart is teaming up with H&R Block to help you with taxes.H&R Block says it will open 300 locations inside Wal mart stores beginning in December, just in time for you to start thinking about filing your 2011 taxes. But don't count on advance loans next year. H&R Block isn't offering any advance loans. The government has been cracking down on those refund anticipation loans and preventing companies from offering them because of high interest rates.

Corzine firm goes bust
Financial firm MF Global goes bust and the CEO of that company is a familiar face: former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. MF Global filed for bankruptcy today after making bad bets on European sovereign debt. Experts say that bankruptcy is not significantly hurting the markets because MF Global doesn't have that big of a reach.

You can read more about the MF Global bankruptcy here.

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