Delco SPCA: Dog a victim of 'worst act of cruelty'

MEDIA, Pa. - November 1, 2011

The dog, now named "Curious George" was dropped off by a concerned citizen at the SPCA's facility in Media, Pa. on Monday afternoon.

Curious George was found Monday by a Good Samaritan, staggering along the 1600 block of Naamens Creek Road near Boothwyn. Despite being starved, the little pit bull mix is good natured and is not fearful of people or other dogs.

Authorities say the dog, which should weight 60-70 pounds, weighs just 35 pounds.

Investigators say someone deliberately did this to the dog.

Dayna Villa of the Delaware County SPCA says a stray left on his own would have found more nutrition eating out of garbage cans.

"He would have found things to eat and, yes, he would have been very skinny, but to me this is very apparent that it was probably purposeful that he was denied access to food," Villa said.

The vets are continuing to keep a close eye on Curious George.

"[His condition is] guarded. Any dog like this you worry about organ failure and things like that," veterinarian Dr. Kimberly Boudwin said.

Vets say they will know if he will make it through his hardships in the next five to seven days.

The reaction to Curious George's condition is visceral including that of shelter visitor George Mathews.

"He be ought to be put in jail. That's ignorant. There's no reason for that," Mathews said.

The Delaware County SPCA hopes someone who knows Curious George or how he became this way will call them at 610-566-1370.

For anyone interested in donating to his care, donations can be made at

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