Trainer packs on pounds on purpose

November 1, 2011

Six months ago, Drew Manning was the picture of health at a trim 193 pounds.

In May, Manning decided to abandon his strict diet and exercise regime to better understand what his clients go through to get back in shape. With his wife's help, Manning documented his reverse transformation.

After just a month of chowing down on corndogs and doughnuts, Manning had gained 21 pounds! As the weeks progressed the experiment took a heavy toll.

"It is really hard I am not going to lie," Manning said. "Sometimes I doubt, you know, what am I doing, and say, 'Are you crazy? You have these rolls of fat everywhere... impeding you.'"

After 25 weeks, Manning had packed on nearly 80 pounds and at 269 pounds, his blood pressure is also now dangerously high.

Manning says his journey back to health starts Saturday.

You can Drew Manning's progress at his website

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