What NOT to buy in November

November 1, 2011 3:06:28 PM PDT
Just 24 days until Black Friday. As we kick off November, consumer reporter Nydia Han breaks down some of the best buys you can snag all month long.

The folks at DealNews like to say on their website, every day is Black Friday. So in honor of the mega sale day which, of course, happens later this month, DealNews has put together its list of the Best and Worst things to buy in November.

DealNews tells us it's tracked stronger deals and 39% more deals on furniture in November than even January.

Number 2: APPAREL
DealNews says last year, many clothing retailers offered their best online coupons of the year in the weeks leading up to and around Black Friday..

Number 3: LAPTOPS
DealNews predicts you'll see the lowest prices the week of Black Friday - with basic laptops dipping as low as $189. Models with more bells and whistles starting at $325.

DealNews says they'll hit their lowest price point of the year later this month. But top brand name TVs probably won't be seriously discounted until December.

Again, you can snag the best bargains particularly around Black Friday.

Numebr 6: COOKWARE

Here's what DealNews warns you should NOT buy this month.

DealNews says the best time to get the greatest discount on toys for the holidays is during the 14-day range before Christmas.

You can get more of the DealNews list by following this link.