Mrs. Fixit: Alternative uses for salt & pepper shakers

November 12,2011

Don't limit the salt shaker to salt. If you or the kids like cinnamon sugar on your toast, put the mixture into a salt shaker so it's always mixed up and on hand when you want it!

Or shake some powdered sugar on over delicacies for a pretty finish!

Love to bake? Fill a shaker with flour to dust surfaces and baking pans before you roll dough or fill a baking pan.

I like to use cornstarch for household tasks. I keep a shaker in the laundry room to absorb grease stains on laundry before you wash them.

I also like a shaker of cornstarch with my cleaning supplies to absorb excess polish from wood surfaces after cleaning.

If you or your kids like glitter projects, a salt shaker is the perfect tool for shaking that glitter on.

Simple solutions for stray salt and pepper shakers. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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