Mrs. Fixit: Wood Floor Care

November 26, 2011

If the protective finish on your wood floors is damaged or worn, it can permanently damage the wood. To evaluate it, all you need is a little water. Sprinkle some water on the wood in a high traffic area. If the water quickly seeps into the water and disappears, the protective coating has completely worn away. If the water seeps in slowly, your protective coating is partially worn. and if the water beads up on the surface, your coating is in great condition.

For the first two types of damage, you're gong to want to refinish your floors. for tips on how to do that, check out my website.

For basic care of wood floors, you really don't need much more than a broom or static sweeper.

It's important to remove surface dirt on a regular basis so it doesn't scuff the finish.

Make sure you roll up area rugs and clean up under them as well.

Little dirt particles easily slip down through the carpet fibers and you can ruin your floors without even noticing.

Go over the floors weekly with a damp mop with no soaps or detergent and you're all set.

I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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