Man says Sandusky was a part of his life

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - November 8, 2011

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The 21-year-old man, who does not want his identity revealed, recently spoke with Action News partner station WFMZ.

"Everybody thought he was a really nice guy. Everybody thought he just really like kids," he said.

He said he was about 8 years old when he first met Jerry Sandusky at a Second Mile-sponsored camp in Reading. The Second Mile is a charity Sandusky founded.

"That's where I met Jerry Sandusky and ever since he kept in contact with me," he said. "He never molested me, but I know how uncomfortable I felt with him giving me hugs that were a little extra long than a normal hug."

Despite that discomfort, he says, Sandusky played a role in his life for six years. He described Sandusky as being like an uncle to him, an attentive man who seemed to care about the little boy with the tough home life.

There were dinners, autographed Penn State memorabilia and VIP outings to Eagles games.

"Somebody buys you $200 dollar outfits, you are not going to say no. Somebody takes you to Eagles games, let's you sit in the box seats, meet cheerleaders, you are on the field meeting Donovan McNabb... What 14-year-old is going to say no?"

But at one point, he says, he did say "No."

"I was in a car with him and he put his hand on my leg and, I told him, I didn't feel comfortable. My brother was in the back of the car and I said 'Look, I don't feel comfortable when you do that' and he got a little upset. We still went to the banquet."

Looking back, the man said the level of attention Sandusky paid to him cooled after that, saying it seemed Sandusky's attention was elsewhere.

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