Man mistakenly shot by Philadelphia cop


37 year old Sadiq Moore, the father of two is in his bed at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Thursday night. His attorney, Craig Sokolow says Moore's condition is improving.

"His prognosis is good now, and I believe he is off the critical list," said Sokolow.

Police say Moore was shot once Wednesday by a Philadelphia Police officer responding to two 911 burglary calls.

Moore lives in a house in the 6000 block of Christian Street in Southwest Philadelphia. His attorney says he owns it, but others say its ownership is in dispute. Sokolow told us what Moore told him about Wednesday.

The shooting happened around 5:00 p.m.

"What he said he heard someone at the door. He was upstairs, he came down the stairway and suddenly he was shot," said Sokolow. "He yelled, 'This is my house.' As far as he knows, no one yelled anything to him.

Moore did not have a gun. It is not clear why the officer fired. Sokolow says he has been told the officer has been investigated before.

"I believe he was just involved in another shooting, and was cleared last month, that happened in April," Sokolow said. Police will not release the officer's name in Wednesday's incident, but Sokolow and others believe he is Officer Larry Shields.

He was cleared by the District Attorney in October for the April shooting of Josh Taylor. But unlike Wednesday's shooting, Shields was off duty at that time, and authorities say Taylor, who has been charged with attempted murder was armed.

Sadiq Moore is recovering and investigators are hoping to talk to him soon to get his version of what occurred at the front door of his own home.

Police are investigating, and they're trying to determine is the origin of the 911 call because it did not originate from the home.

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