Hollywood Buzz: Christian bails on Batman

"Stoner" Miley Cyrus
Is /*Miley Cyrus*/ "a stoner"? Here's the buzz - a video from her 19th birthday party surfaced and /*Kelly Osbourne*/ presents her with a /*Bob Marley*/ cake. In the video Cyrus says, "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Miley cake" and then he goes on to joke about how much "weed" she smokes. Osbourne fired back on Twitter claiming this was a "joke" amongst friends - making reference to last year's salvia scandal, which was also caught on tape. To see the birthday video - go to 6at4.com and click on the red carpet.

"American Pie" birthplace
Bye, bye misconceptions about "American Pie" and its birthplace. In the early 70s, singer and Don McLean says he wrote the Billboard chart-topper right here in Philadelphia, not the upstate New York bar that has long laid claim to it. He also cleared up rumors about the first time he performed and says it was at Temple University.

Christian Bale and "Batman"
Christian Bale says he is hanging up his cape and cowl and putting the Batmobile in park. Bale says "The Dark Knight Rises" comes out in July. Bale says it will be his final performance as the caped crusader. It's Bale's third, and final, role as Batman according to reports in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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