Thanksgiving with the McCanns, Grahams


At the home of Brian and Alicia Graham, there was a major production under way, putting together quite a Thanksgiving Dinner.

"My daughter and I made little pilgrim hats, we made them with a cookie and a peanut butter cup," said Alicia.

The preparation began Wednesday night when three generations of Graham's and McCann's got together to prepare the feast.

With the turkey completely cooked after four and a half hours, Jack McCann put the final touches on the mashed potatoes and prepared to carve.

"I looked at Alicia Vitarelli do it," said Jack. "I hope I can do it as well as she did."

Drawn by the lure of all that cooking, it didn't take long for everyone to gather round the table to chow down. But not before 5 year old Connor Graham said grace.

"Thank you for a world so sweet. Thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for the birds that sing. Thank you God for everything," recited Connor.

And on that note, it was time to enjoy all the good food. They'll worry about counting calories, some other day.

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