Neglected dog "Chance" now up for adoption

December 9, 2011

Chance, a boxer, has come a long way from the day he was dropped off at the Stanton SPCA last month.

Back then he weighed just 28 pounds, one half of his normal body weight.

Chance is now healthy, and looking for a family that will take him in.

For more information and the adoption application: CLICK HERE for the Delaware SPCA website.

According to the Delaware SPCA, in addition to being malnourished, Chance was found to have an old fracture in one of his rear legs, but surgery was not recommended by the veterinarian.

While he has a slight limp, Chance gets around fine and will benefit from joint supplements.

"Chance has touched the hearts of so many people", said Anne Cavanaugh, Executive Director. "We are most grateful to everyone who has rallied behind him during his recovery. Now we look forward to a happy ending to his ordeal by placing him in the loving home he deserves."

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