Missing a wedding band? Check the Salvation Army

DEPTFORD, N.J. - December 9, 2011 The Salvation Army has hundreds of red kettles in locations throughout the region, and occasionally something other than cash or coins ends up inside.

Take for example the kettle outside of Macy's at the Deptford Mall. When counters checked at the end of the day, they found a sparkling surprise.

"Sure enough, there was a wedding ring that was engraved, and we can only imagine that it fell off someone's finger or they pulled it out with the change in their pocket," said Major Paul Cain.

We've all heard stories of highly valued items winding up in the kettles as gifts, and right now the price of gold is over $1,700 a Troy ounce.

Counters thought maybe the man's wedding band they found was a gift, but Major Paul Cain wasn't convinced. The ring does have an inscription and a wedding date, so he thinks it might have been dropped by mistake along with the contribution.

"Certainly if this was a wedding ring and it fell off someone's finger, we want to get it back to them, because I'm sure it's very treasured to them," Major Cain said. "From time to time, we do have donations in the kettle that are not money."

Perhaps someone is frantically looking for the ring and could be in trouble for losing it.

"This time of year, it must have been an accident," said Dave Finley. "I can't imagine what my wife would do to me if I put my ring in there."

If anyone believes they lost the ring outside the Deptford Mall, the Salvation Army in Camden wants to hear from you. The number to call is 856-338-1700. Be prepared to describe the inscription.

If it was meant to be a donation, the Salvation Army appreciates it, but would like to hear that from you as well.

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