Syrian activists: 200 dead in government assault

In this citizen journalism image provided by the Local Coordination Committees in Syria and released Friday, Feb. 3, 2012, anti-Syrian regime protesters march in Bensh, Idlib Province, northern Syria. The U.N. Security Council will meet Saturday morning to take up a much-negotiated resolution on Syria, said a diplomat for a Western nation that sits on the council. Banner at center background left reads in Arabic, "Sorry Hama", banner at center background right reads, "Bensh". (AP Photo/Local Coordination Committees in Syria)

February 4, 2012 7:16:49 AM PST
Syrian forces hammered restive neighborhoods in the city of Homs for hours with mortars and artillery Saturday, sending terrified residents fleeing into basements and killing more than 200 people in what appeared to be the bloodiest episode of the nearly 11-month-old uprising, activists said.