"Copycat" slashing tires in Burlington Co.?

One man puts wooden shields over his tires to guard against vandals who have been slashing tires in North Hanover Township, Burlington County, New Jersey.

March 6, 2012 9:42:51 AM PST
Police in Burlington County, New Jersey want to know if a "copycat" is slashing tires in North Hanover Township.

Investigators say there have been four incidents in the past month at the Hanover Mobile Village on Jacobstown-New Egypt Road. Residents say upwards of 70 tires have been slashed.

The most recent incident happened on Tuesday, with three vehicles struck.

Police say it's possible the vandal or vandals are copying recent incidents in Philadelphia, noting that the incidents seem to have started after stories came to light of tire slashings in the city.

In response, police are stepping up patrol and residents are taking precautions. Some people have set up cameras, while others are staying up late to stand guard.

One man even put wooden shields around his tires to protect them as the vandals remain on the loose.