Authorities still seek owners of wedding photos

March 26, 2012 2:51:24 PM PDT
After four months of searching, officials in Burlington County, New Jersey are still trying to reunite hundreds of people with their wedding photos.

The pictures were surrendered by the photographer who took them, Jack Holton, after he was sentenced to prison last year for fraud.

Renee Borstad, Burlington County's Consumer Affairs Director, says Holton - the owner of Renaissance Photography and Weddings Unlimited - scammed scores of clients out of hundreds of thousands of dollars without sending them a single picture from their big day.

"It's a shame because it goes all the way back to 1999," said Borstad.

Holton has since been convicted of theft and sentenced to three years in prison. When the contents of Holton's businesses were confiscated, investigators found hundreds and hundreds of unclaimed wedding photos.

The problem is that the pictures and discs are only labelled with the couple's last names with no addresses, no phone numbers and no email addresses.

Now, Burlington County officials are asking for the public's help in getting these pictures to their rightful owners.

"We absolutely wanted to do everything we could so people could know about the problem and that we have many of the pictures," said Burlington County Freeholder Marry Ann O'Brien.

Borstad says the irony is that some of the victims who have already stepped forward have waited so long for the photos have since re-married.

"We have had people who have been divorced and they still want their pictures. We have parents who paid thousands of dollars for these pictures. We'd like to find as many of these people as possible," Borstad said.

Burlington County officials have posted the names found on the discs on their website.

Anyone who entered into a photography agreement with Jack Holton but never received their photos should contact the office of Consumer Affairs at 609-265-5054.